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Scott KregelWe are all seeing the influence of technology on our lives. It is rewiring our minds; it is accelerating the pace of innovation, and it is causing dramatic changes in how we live our day to day lives. Some people embrace this and say, ‘bring it on’; others are a little more resonant about it; and a few others still reject and deny the impact of technology. Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired is one of those prophets of technology and when he speaks to what is going on, people take note. Kelly gave a talk in 2007 (after what many consider the first 5,000 days of the internet) about the next 5,000 days of the internet. In that talk, he shared the following highlights: Read more

Book Review, Innovation
JasonRocksI’m learning the exponential power of relationship building. And I’m excited as to how fast it can grow your company. We do a good bit of content marketing in our firm, but faster growth is coming from one on one relationships with real people. Relationship building, or Networking as it is often known, and Content Marketing are two important balances in any firm. Most firm leaders are imbalanced on one side or the other. As people, we are drawn to the activity where we feel most comfortable. Surprisingly, I’ve felt most comfortable on the content development side. But relationship building is so important, and I’m unlocking it’s power (and I’m pretty good at that too)!

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Business, Community, Networking

Greg Kyte 2H&R Block is not cheap, their customer experience isn’t great, and their ackquoorisee is as good as my spelling. But be honest. Is your firm better? How do you know? More importantly, do your clients know?


Price is easy. After writing my post on their pricing, I talked to one CPA who said he’s charging half of what H&R Block does. Half! He’s a CPA! Fortunately he can solve his pricing problem by taking his clients’ documents to H&R Block, have them prepare the return (he’s under no obligation to file with H&R Block), get their pricing, fix the return, charge $50 more than H&R Block, and tell his clients exactly how H&R Block was going to screw them. Brilliant! And it only breaks one confidentiality rule!¹

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Greg Kyte 2Two years ago, I let Liberty Tax eff up my taxes. This year I allowed H&R Block to do it. In last month’s post, I wrote about H&R Block’s weird-ass pricing. Next month, I’ll tell you all about how hard their accuracy sucked. This post, however, is my story about the H&R Block customer experience.


But this is only my experience. H&R Block files millions of returns every year. So you can’t generalize based solely on one experience. But I will anyways because it’s fun to generalize based solely on one experience.

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Customer Experience, Taxes

Greg Kyte 2Two years ago, I had Liberty Tax do my taxes. Bad Experience. Bad Pricing. They lost my children. Great dance opportunity.
This year I did it again, but this time I went to H&R Block to see how The Block would do. Over the span of my next three blog posts, I’ll to go in detail about H&R Block’s pricing, their customer experience, and their accuracy.¹


Greg HR Block


This post is the one about pricing. But first, I need to tell you how I got here. Read more

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