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Greg Kyte 2You’re totally not going to believe how this whole Liberty Tax thing continued to unfold.¹

QUICK RECAP: On Presidents Day, I had Liberty Tax prepare my 2013 individual tax return. The main motivation was to get a blog post (Done!) and a video (Nailed it!) and a photo opp (More phallic than intended!).

Greg at Liberty Tax

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Greg Kyte 2I had Liberty Tax Service do my 2013 taxes. Don’t judge me.

I went because of Walt Disney. I heard he was inspired to create Disneyland because he was grossed out when he took his kids to some nasty carnivals. So I thought about what would gross me out in the accounting profession, and decided to go to Liberty Tax Service – the carneys of the accounting profession – for inspiration.

I arrived at Liberty Tax at 11:00 a.m. on Presidents’ Day. The open-concept office was austere: two small fake trees, white walls, fluorescent lights. The “waiting room” area had some toys for kids to both play with and contract hepatitis from. I assumed it was a temporary office. I was later told that it’s year-round. Read more

Customer Experience, Pricing, Taxes

Greg Kyte 2Sometimes we choose to be stupid because it’s the easiest way to ignore the fact that we live in a state of bowel-evacuating fear.

We live in an age of disruptive innovation. The only way to survive the long game is to disrupt ourselves before we get disrupted – to take risks that will take away what we’ve got and replace it with something better. But we don’t do it because we’re scared, and since evacuating your bowels is embarrassing, we act stupid instead. Read more

Personal Growth

Greg Kyte 2We’re supposed to be authentic, right?

I thought I was being authentic at the New Year’s Eve party, but the next day, my wife told me that I was being a prick. Not in those words. She said something like “you were really on one last night” which I think means “you were being a prick.”

When I say that I was being my authentic self, I don’t mean that I was being my alcoholic self. I had one glass of champagne at midnight, but that was it. Read more

Personal Growth

Greg Kyte 2It’s almost 2014, and it’s time to set some goals. Some people hate the goal-setting process because they think it’s BS. And a lot of times, it is BS. It’s BS because the result is inauthentic.

If your goals aren’t visceral – if they’re not authentic – they’re impotent. People with impotent goals are suffering from what doctors call Goal Disfunction (GD). To firm up your goals, you need Goal Viagra: Goalvitra. Read more

Personal Growth