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Jason Blumer

The Changing Context of Your Business

You may not realize it, but the context of your business is always changing on you. And that is playing tricks with your mind...

Jason Blumer

How Much Strategy Is Enough

I was sharing with our Thriveal community recently about a practice my partner and I go through in running our companies. We take a...

Jason Blumer

How To Be A Great Firm Leader

Leadership has been something I've been growing in for a couple of years now. I even spoke about it at our Deeper Weekend conference...

Jason Blumer

Our Community’s Purpose

The Thriveal community is now in its 7th year. We started in October of 2010 as a way to be with other entrepreneurial firm...

Jason Blumer

Effective Use of Your Tools and Experience

Imagine you want to transform your dull yard into a gardener's masterpiece. You don't have the skills, so you have to find the expert...

Jason Blumer

One Relationship Leads To Another Relationship

I'm learning the exponential power of relationship building. And I'm excited as to how fast it can grow your company. We do a good...

Jason Blumer

Revamping Team Compensation in Nontraditional Firms

No one is really talking about how hard it is to change your compensation structure in a Nontraditional firm. At least, I haven't seen...

Jason Blumer

Embracing Your Competitors

Living and working in the Thriveal community has been an interesting experiment. I didn't realize we were actually learning how to run a firm...

Jason Blumer

Making Professional Judgments

The state of the public accounting profession in the US is to focus on compliance. And we're good at it too. But when compared to...

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