HKB: Interview Questions

Directions for Survey

This survey is created so that you can provide us with anonymous feedback about the firm. None of your answers or feedback will be shared with the leaders/partners of the firm. Answer as honestly as you can. Please grade the positive statements below on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being ‘no way’ and 5 being ‘yes, definitely!’ The statements are designed so that all answers trending towards 1 indicates a negative view of that statement, and all answers that trend towards 5 indicates a positive view of that statement.

There are open-ended questions at the bottom of the form where you may give us additional information. You may email Jason and Julie if you have any other questions. [email protected] and [email protected]

We anticipate these questions will take about an hour to complete.

1. The HKB team loves to come to work each and every day.
2. The HKB team is not overworked.
3. The HKB team fully understands each of their roles, and are successful in accomplishing it.
4. The culture at HKB is such that team members never want to leave.
5. HKB is fully staffed and they have no need for new team members.
6. The HKB team is clear who their leaders are, and the leaders are clear who they are responsible to lead.
7. The leaders at HKB are trained how to lead as displayed by regular Manager meetings and offsite retreats.
8. The HKB team feels a strong accountability around the responsibility of the role they are required to fulfill.
9. The HKB team working in the office and those working remote are fully integrated into the firm cohesively to fulfill client work.
10. The collaboration between the remote team and the team in the office is fluid, clear, and efficient.
11. The whole team fully enjoys the culture at HKB.

12. HKB is great at providing our overall services.
13. HKB’s current services are consistent from year to year.
14. The HKB team has the opportunity to master the delivery of services.
15. Newly created or offered HKB services are heavily vetted and planned before being rolled into the team capacity and processes.
16. HKB delivery is enhanced by the ongoing management of our team’s resources and capacity.
17. HKB prices its services appropriately.

18. The HKB team is skilled enough to handle the clients we have.
19. The HKB team is skilled enough to handle the clients we anticipate getting in the future (considering new niches or service focuses).
20. HKB clients fully understand, and embrace, our value and purpose in serving them.
21. The HKB client base has historically been built in a sustainable way.
22. The HKB client base is being sustainably built for the future.
23. The HKB firm is appropriately loyal to referral sources that subsequently lead to strong client relationships.
24. HKB clients are onboarded through a multi-step process in order to ensure they are good fits.
25. The HKB team has the ability to suggest the elimination of poor-fit clients each year.

26. The internal HKB processes are clear for each role in the firm.
27. Everyone knows and abides by the HKB processes.
28. The HKB processes help us serve our clients well.
29. The HKB team works well together on all of their defined processes.
30. HKB has principles and documented practices of work that fully guide how the team works, whether in the office or virtually.