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We were working with a client recently on their great desire to allow their team to grow in their roles. They told us the team had commented on their desire to see a future in this creative company, and to know what their path might be. And these two leaders, with a deep heart to serve, wanted to know how to give their team a clear path of their growth in the company.

For caring leaders, this produces a conundrum. They desperately want to give their team what they want (a clear path for growth) while balancing the realities of what a company can afford in its investment in higher salaries, or bigger roles that a company is not yet ready to support. We’ll develop some principles around this conundrum at the end of this article, but bear with me as I give you some context using a metaphor.

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Don’t force me to be thankful.

The thing that makes me the most un-thankful is when someone says we should go around the table and have everyone say something they’re thankful for. I’m thankful when that crap is over because I want to eat.

And on Thanksgiving I’m not just eating. I’m an artist. I’m trying to consume a very precise quantity of food: not enough to cause an aneurysm when I bend down to tie my shoes, but pretty f***ing close.

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