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Would you get a tattoo of your firm’s logo? The logo of the firm you own or work for? I’m not talking about a tattoo on your forehead or neck or butt. I’m talking about a tattoo in a normal place like your shoulder or ankle or just above your butt.


People get tattoos of company logos all the time. People get Harley-Davidson tattoos so often it’s boring. I mean if you’re going to have a midlife crisis, at least put some thought into it. But people also get tattoos of some real weirdo corporate stuff like the guy who got a tattoo of the KFC Double Down and the guy with the Walmart tramp stamp. I’m pretty sure the KFC one was a paid stunt, and I’m confident the Walmart one was joke (and as a joke, it’s the definition of being committed to a bit). Read more

As we finished Life Principles in Part 1 of the book review on Principles by Ray Dalio, we noted the power of relationships in our lives and how they influence us and how we in turn can influence others. It is also true that your ability to get what you want out of life is much greater when working with others than it is when working at it alone. Many of the Life Principles can be applied to groups by taking individual decision making and converting it to group decision making.

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Book Review

“Are You Self Critical? Hint: Yes, You Are. Stop It!”  Melinda Guillemette

Entrepreneurial CPAs are both dreamers and doers. You’re uncomfortable with the status quo, even if it’s a status quo you’ve created. You push the envelope and you push yourselves. Read more

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