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Why do you own your own firm?

Some people do it because they’re horrible employees. They know it, and their former bosses knew it.

My brother’s like that. He’s kind of the worst employee. He’ll start a new job and love it, but after awhile, he can’t handle the chronic, systemic problems that almost every employer¹ struggles with. But instead of bringing those things up in constructive ways, he bottles up his frustration until one day he busts into his boss’ office, yells, “This place is bullshit!” and flips over a desk. Then the next day, he’ll come back to work, poke his head into his boss’ office and ask, “So I don’t work here anymore, right?”

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What brands do you love? Apple? Nike? Billiam (a local favorite)?

Why are you attracted to that brand? Something draws us to fashion, food, and locations that have been bold enough to take a stand for who they are for, and what they believe. Brands make humans feel heard or understood. Brands do a lot to help humans navigate our world in ways we enjoy and love. Your world is ordered and driven by branding. Not completely – I just mean branding is a signpost that directs you in ways you already want to go. You have a proclivity towards the things you love. All humans do.

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