1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching Pre-Assessment with Jason & Julie

This coaching pre-assessment form will help us evaluate your readiness for coaching and the important topics you are considering.


Evaluate the following statements. Please evaluate the following statements on a scale from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 7 (Strongly Agree)

1. I have a clear personal and professional vision for the future.
2. I have determined the key goals and priorities that will help me make progress toward my vision.
3. I have created a plan to carry out those goals and priorities.
4. I am aware of the key habits, behaviors, and practices that will lead to (or detract) from my success.
5. I know and am developing the skills I need to achieve my vision and goals.
6. I have a defined strategy to execute those habits, behaviors, and skills (or to avoid them, as the case may be).
7 I am making significant progress toward my personal and professional vision for the future.
8. I am firm in the decisions I make (no second guessing)
9. I am confident in the decisions I make (no wrong answers)
10. I am faithful in the decisions I make (I follow through)
11. I am empathetic in the decisions I make (aware of how they affect others)
12. I will be different one year from now
13. I know that coaching is worth the money I am paying, and is more valuable than the free advice I get from friends and family
In addition to the evaluation above, please choose only 6 topics below that we can cover in our 6 upcoming coaching sessions.