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I just spent a couple of hours on a Saturday detailing out a potential new high-value process in our firm that we’ll be launching soon to new clients. This process is going to bring a lot of clarity to all of the moving parts that our team is involved in during our client’s onboarding.

I want to detail a few points about the value of building processes before I talk about the main point of this article.

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Welcome to a new decade. That is so weird to write, but here we start a new decade. All of us.

At this time, it’s pretty normal to think of all the big things to change, and to do some reflection. Our minds and our actions go ‘big picture.’ That’s pretty healthy typically. But the change of a year, no less the change of a decade, can lead us to a darker path of staying too high up in the clouds without remaining down in the details where change truly happens.

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We’ve been consulting, leading, and speaking to accounting firms for many years now (and running our own firm since 2003). We’ve done this work all over the world, and we’ve come to believe there are some great practices we wish firms would follow. We believe a few tweaks to our profession could create a more sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable firm to lead.


If I had my wish and I could wave a magic wand, I would have every firm in the world do these 7 things.


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My partner and I have been learning so much lately about the beauty of minds. Not all minds are made alike, for sure, and we’ve been learning how each person’s mind is made depends on how those people are led, served, and changed.

In consulting, we often help leadership teams and owners understand themselves better, and then to understand the team they serve with, as well as the clients they serve. Everyone looks at their world in different ways. Leadership teams are often surprised to find out that the people they serve with (teams) or the people they serve (clients) don’t understand themselves very well. Humans don’t know themselves very well. Why is it important to know this? Because it helps you know what you can and cannot ask of these people in order to serve them well.

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