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Jason Blumer

Firm Owner Health Activities

As I consider the foundational components or requirements to scale a firm, one thing I would list is ‘Owner Health Activities.’ The more my...

Jason Blumer

The Truth About Marketing and Design for Your Firm

I was working with a firm owner recently, and we were exploring where his clients were really coming from. He has been growing, but...

Jason Blumer

Believing New Realities

Most clients pay us from January to December each year. We draft their fees monthly. Sweet cash flow! So every December, Julie and I...

Jason Blumer

Accounting Firm Owners Should Not Do Accounting

I led with a provocative title. I hope I got your attention! I'm not just trying to trick you into reading this article; I...

Jason Blumer

Healthy Firm Owners Equals Healthy Firms

For many entrepreneurial leaders, it feels odd asking for help, or relying on others. After all, entrepreneurs are people with passion and grit to...

Jason Blumer

3 Issues Facing Firms Owners as they Grow Their Firms

Like any other company owner, firm owners face growth issues too. But many firm owners don't view their firms as businesses to be grown...

Jason Blumer

Exploring Freedom for The Accounting Entrepreneur

Talk to any entrepreneur, and you'll quickly hear the word 'freedom' as a reason for running their own business. Accounting firm owners are no...

Jason Blumer

Establishing Your Vision by Writing Core Values

One of the best books I've seen that helps entrepreneurs get their vision down on paper is Gino Wickman's book, Traction. That's why I'll...

Jason Blumer

The Countercultural Firm Owner

Since the phrase 'countercultural firm owner' is part of Thriveal's purpose statement, I thought it would be helpful to explore what this phrase means....

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