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In his first book on EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), entrepreneur and author Gino Wickman outlines a whole new way to run a business. This system has been implemented by thousands of entrepreneurs. It helps them to develop a vision for the company, establish goals around that vision, and provide a structured way to drive the business to accomplish these goals. Though EOS can help your organization stay on task, it requires you to keep all of your EOS data organized. Traction® Tools is a cloud-based application designed to do one thing: help businesses implement EOS. If you are unfamiliar with EOS, I would recommend reading Traction, Gino Wickman’s book introducing EOS. Read more

I always knew that the end was near. I just never thought Jon Hamm would be the one to break the news.

But right now that good looking son of a bitch is on the TV with his sexy Mad Men voice telling everybody that — even though H&R Block employees are the Mark Hamills of the tax prep world¹ — IBM’s Watson is now their R2-D2. And even though H&R Block took Watson into mainstream tax prep, the hipster organization KPMG started using Watson for audit support before it was cool.

We’ve got to get used to the idea that robots are eventually going to make traditional accounting jobs irrelevant. Not convinced? Here are some other traditional jobs that robots are making obsolete: Read more

The Thriveal community is now in its 7th year. We started in October of 2010 as a way to be with other entrepreneurial firm owners. We’ve tried many community ideas along the way and have met many wonderful people. But this year seems different. We have learned so much about what a community means, and how to bring value to firm owners through a community. We truly believe that people building firms in a community grow more than when they try to grow on their own. We have many stories to back this up. Why? This growth happens because a community challenges firm owners in ways they didn’t know they needed to be challenged. And as members of the Thriveal community, we see other members doing innovative things. So we tend to try new things too. But the coolest part of growing in a community is the trust and camaraderie entrepreneurs feel within their community. A community watches out for its members, and supports each other when times get tough. This brings on the bravery needed to be successful growing a firm in a community.


Thriveal’s Purpose:


Thriveal inspires countercultural firm owners to embrace their entrepreneurial creativity within the profession.
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Of all of the worries of owning a business, the anticipation of a possible IRS audit has to be one of the worst. As a business owner, you want to grow and be forward thinking, but then an IRS agent forces you to rehash the past in excruciating detail. With clean books and correct record keeping, you can have the confidence of knowing that if the government comes knocking, you’ll be ready. While there are many different systems to keep your books in order, Receipt Bank aims to help with the record keeping, while integrating with the all of the major cloud-accounting providers.


Core Features – 35/35

Receipt Bank’s mission is simple, to reduce the time required to move receipts, bills, and credit notes into your client’s accounting system and give accountants a clear view of their bookkeeping while in progress. They do this by capturing the data, organizing it into their dashboard, and giving bookkeepers the ability to automate the flow into the accounting software. Read more

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JasonRocksImagine you want to transform your dull yard into a gardener’s masterpiece. You don’t have the skills, so you have to find the expert that can help you. That gardener you hire has two things to pull from to create your beautiful yard: her experience, and her tools. Both are extremely valuable, but the use of the tools is only informed by the experienced hand using them. A brand new shovel is not going to make this master gardener any more special than the DIY gardener down the street.


Like the gardener, firm owners are craftsmen too. They bring all financial processes, and financial reporting into alignment for their own firm, as well as the confused and disorganized business owner. In a sense, they are transforming the landscape of businesses with their experience and choice of tools. But many firm owners are confused by their role in choosing tools for themselves and their clients. Many chase the shiniest new tool, and completely ignore their experience.

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