Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 82

Melinda Guillemette on How to Have a Hard Conversation

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Show Notes:

Nobody likes to have hard conversations, but we all have them at some point. In Episode 82, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte talk about how to approach difficult conversations with team members and clients. Melinda Guillemette joins them and sheds all new light on how to prepare for hard conversations.

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This month’s guest: Melinda Guillemette

Melinda is Thriveal’s Community Group Facilitator. She believes that creating a happy environment at work is not just a noble goal: it’s smart business. After nearly a dozen years as a marketing director for an Albuquerque CPA firm, election to the Association of Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame, and another dozen years on her own, Melinda long ago adopted CPAs as her tribe. Using humor, directness, and clarity, she shows professionals how to understand what they really want. Then she helps them get it. 

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