Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 76

Where Emotion and Analytics Meet with our Guest Jeff Phillips

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Show Notes:

In Episode 76, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte discuss the emotional side of growing a firm beyond yourself (via The Emyth). How should an entrepreneur handle the business having needs of its own? Jeff Phillips from Accountingfly and Going Concern then joins them to talk about the place where passion and objectivity meet for entrepreneurs. He also shares how content marketing attracts team members and his own personal journey of finding a pain point and solving it in the marketplace, including the two emotions (and there are only 2) that he has experienced as an entrepreneur.


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This month’s guest: Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips is CEO of Accountingfly and publisher of  Accountingfly builds powerful online tools that source talent for financial recruiters. Previously, Jeff was with, where he advised Fortune 500 clients such as H&R Block, Walmart, and Exxon how to use internet marketing to hire better candidates at a lower cost.

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