Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 70

Content Ideas for Firms with Karen Reyburn

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Show Notes:

In Episode 70, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte discuss practical ideas for content marketing. They talk about podcasts, video, writing book reviews, creating an FAQ, creating an app, writing an industry guide, and sharing client interviews. Karen Reyburn is the guest and she offers many other specific ways firms can use content marketing. They specifically discuss using video.

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This month’s guest: Karen Reyburn

Karen Reyburn is the owner and managing director of The Profitable Firm, a creative agency that works exclusively with accountants.

Karen combines a knowledge & expertise of the accounting industry with an artistic and creative side. She qualified as a Certified Public Accountant in the States, and worked as an auditor in Arizona. Since moving to the UK, Karen set up a consultancy division for a UK accounting firm, managed the European office of a global network of accounting firms, and at the same time ran a successful international wedding photography business.

She created The Profitable Firm to help provide outsourced marketing to accountants who want to use content marketing in their firms. The agency is completely virtual, with the team working all over the world to deliver services to accountancy firms globally.

Karen continues to exercise her creative skills as a photographer, a sketchnoter, and a writer.

Twitter: @karenlreyburn

Listen at: Stitcher

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