Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 63

Change is Coming with Guest Daniel Susskind

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Show Notes:

In Episode 63, Jason and Greg discuss an article Jason wrote about some of the surprises people encounter when they value price. They discuss the new methodology, the role of the owner in a value pricing business, and the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made. Then Daniel Susskind joins them to talk about his book, The Future of the Professions.

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This month’s guest: Daniel Susskind

Daniel Susskind is an economist, lecturer at Balliol College, Oxford, and co-author with Richard Susskind of The Future of the Professions.

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  • On 10-26-2016 at 11:24 pm, Andrew M Hopkins said:

    Susskind spoke of the two paths that technology will lead the professions down. The first was that the professions would just work more efficiently. I remember a podcast were y’all spoke of the difference between efficient and effective. That first path will be dead end for those who remain committed to the traditional roles of accountants. Especially for Public Accountants. How can I identify the new opportunities technology is offering? I see based on Susskind’s assessment of the second path that Audits and Reviews will disappear as Banks become more capable at tracking financial transactions and improvements in blockchain transactions that uses of financial information perform their own “audit, review, or financial statement preparation ” using immediately available data from various sources. I want to start preparing now while I still have time and maybe be in the first wave of new professionals.


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