Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 41

The Culture and Branding Relationship with Tim Williams

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Show Notes:

At Thriveal’s Deeper Weekend, culture’s relationship to branding was mentioned in one slide. But it became a major topic for the Thrivecast. Tim Williams joins Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte in front of a live Deeper Weekend audience to talk more about the relationship between culture and branding and which one is developed first. They also discuss positioning strategies (leading with who, what, why, and how) and more. If you wanted to come to Deeper Weekend, this is a great summary and peak into what we learned.


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Mentioned in the Show:
Peter Drucker
Ron Baker
Michael Porter
Tim Williams
Positioning for Professionals
Carol LeBlanc
Adam Shay
Barrett Young
Josh Zweig


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This month’s guest: Tim Williams

Tim Williams is founder of Ignition, a leading U.S.-based consultancy devoted to helping marketing communications firms create more value for their clients. Tim is a noted author, international speaker, and presenter for major industry associations, agency networks, universities, and business conferences worldwide. His seminars have been featured by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Association of National Advertisers, Institute of Advertising Practitioners (U.K.), Institute of Communication Agencies (Canada), International Advertising Association, and numerous organizations with global membership.

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