Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 4

Self Management, Coaching, And an Interview with Kim Hogan and Marshal Kushniruk

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Show Notes:

ason Blumer and Greg Kyte are back for the fourth episode of the THRIVEcast!

Greg gives guidance on managing oneself, based on a 2005 article by Peter Drucker. Hint: you probably don’t really know your strengths as well as you think you do. Also, does Jason ever watch a movie?

Jason explains why coaching is so valuable, whether one on one or in a group coaching situation.

Finally, Jason and Greg interview two members of the CloudSolutions Alliance: Kim Hogan from the Fujitsu ScanSnap Community and Marshal Kushniruk from Avalara. Learn the dirty little secret of document management and how Avalara can help CPAs add additional value to their customers.

Kim Hogan, all dressed up for her THRIVEcast interview!


Mentioned in this THRIVEcast:
Rafi Mohammed, author of The 1% Windfall
Wayne’s World
Kim Hogan with Fujitsu Scansnap Community
Marshal Kushniruk with Avalara
Jason’s coaching article in CPA Practice Advisor
Michael Jordan
USC Gamecocks
Managing Oneself, article by Peter Drucker
Kolbe Assessments
The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Thomas Watson, founder of IBM
Fight Club
Happy Gilmore
Chariots of Fire
Journal of Accountancy
Pioneering the New Firm Coaching Course
Jody Padar
Ron Baker
Joey Brannon
CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 under 40
Logan’s Run
Chris Farmand
AICPA Tech Practitioner’s Conference
Speedtax Acquired by CCH
CloudSolutions Alliance
Scott McFarlane, CEO of Avalara
Avalara Intergrations
Hermain Cain9-9-9 tax plan
Firm of the Future Symposium in Greenville, SC

Co-created by the CloudSolutions Alliance:
The THRIVEal +CPA Network and The CloudSolutions Alliance have made the THRIVEcast possible. Here’s a shout out to the CloudSolutions Alliance, which consists of SmartvaultFreshbooksFujitsuAvalara, and XCM Solutions.  Check them out!

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This month’s guest: Kim Hogan

Over eight years in the document imaging and workflow industry with exposure to enterprise, mid-market, and VSB accounting applications. Currently heading up West Coast Sales and Operations at XCM Solutions, providing enterprise workflow solutions to tax & accounting professionals. In 2010 Co-Founded the CloudSolutions Alliance, a collaborative effort including XCM Solutions, Avalara, SmartVault, FreshBooks, Shoeboxed, and Fujitsu, with the goal of educating accounting professionals on Cloud, document management, SaaS and paperless technologies to help firms of all sizes better serve their clients and be more competitive.

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