Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 12

LIVE recording in Las Vegas with special guests Mark Koziel and Tom Hood

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Show Notes:

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Thanks to Ron Baker for introducing this month’s podcast!

Jason and Greg head to Vegas for the Meet VeraSage live event. In front of a lively audience, they interview Mark Koziel, Vice President of Firm Services and Global Alliances with the AICPA and Tom Hood, CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs and the Business Learning Institute.

Mark and Tom are fun and very informative guests. They share how they got to be where they are now and their whys. Mark and Tom also explain the unseen value of your membership with the AICPA and your state society. Also, you don’t want to miss Tom Hood’s Yoda impression!

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AICPA Practitioner’s Symposium and Tech + Conference
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Kurt Siemers of Kennedy and Coe
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Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm
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The End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis
Escape Velocity by Geoffrey Moore

Greg Kyte, Mark Koziel, Tom Hood, and Jason Blumer pausing for a post-interview picture

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This month’s guest: Mark Koziel

Mark Koziel is Vice President – Firm Services & Global Alliances at the AICPA.  He oversees the development, ongoing improvement and delivery of services to members in PCPS/Firm Practice Management as well as International relations with various CPA related groups.  He frequently speaks on CPA issues around the country.

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