Deeper Weekend 2014

It's Virtually the Same with Ryan Lazanis

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Show Notes:

In Episode 104, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte talk about all things virtual!  Sorry to disappoint you, but working for a virtual firm doesn’t mean you get to sit in your jammies and play video games all day.  Jason and Greg talk through several tips to help transition your firm virtually and then welcome Ryan Lazanis to the show.  Ryan shares how he started his virtual firm and some of the many tools he uses to maintain virtual firm structure.

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This month’s guest: Ryan Lazanis

Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA founded Xen Accounting in 2013, a 100% cloud-based accounting firm. Following its acquisition in 2018, Ryan started Future Firm, which provides resources to firms looking to modernize and stay on the cutting edge. He has a free weekly email called Future Firm Weekly Top 5 that curates the top 5 pieces of content that firm owners need to know about each week to help modernize their firm.

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