Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 100

Transitions Start with an Ending with Bill Hubly

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Show Notes:

Celebrating our 100th Episode, Jason Blumer and Greg Kyte talk about all the fun they have had over the years making the Thrivecast, but they also discuss the effects of change and transition that occur in our lives.  When you walk through the woods, do you take the clear path that was made by others before you or do your make you own path?  Jason and Greg then welcome Bill Hubly to the show.  Bill Hubly coaches other businesses that are going through transitions and provides some helpful insights that will help us all when faced with our next transition.

Thank you to all of our listeners and here’s to another 100 episodes!


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“The Myth of Resistance to Change” by Morrie Shectman

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This month’s guest: Bill Hubly

Bill works closely with business owners, CEOs and other executives as their confidant and coach. He strives to build a high trust relationship with his clients and help them improve their businesses and personal lives. The work they do together is focused on culture improvement, strategic planning, organizational alignment, leadership development and succession issues.

In his prior career, Bill was one of the founders and served as the CEO for 18 years of CDH, PC, (formerly Corbett, Duncan & Hubly, PC) an international accounting and consulting firm headquartered in the Chicago area.

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