Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 28

Niches Bring Stitches and An Interview with Jason Blumer?

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Show Notes:

This week Greg is joined by fellow accountant/comedian John Garrett. They talk about the recent movement towards a ROWE, why there aren’t good accountants anymore thanks to terrible managers, and why John is to blame for the America’s financial meltdown. They also interview Jason Blumer, discuss growth strategy (strategies?) and what you should do if someone offers you $100,000 dollars. Speaking of money, how do you know what to charge people? The guys get into their strategy for pricing and delivering value. If you have no soul and you’ll do anything for money, you probably shouldn’t check out Jason’s E-book, Growth Strategy For Creatives.


Mentioned In The Show:

John Garrett

Growth Strategy for Creatives by Jason Blumer

The Bob and Tom Show


The Value of Puppies (Jason’s video)



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This month’s guest: John Garrett (guest HOST)

After graduating from college, John Garrett accepted a position with a global accounting firm, providing consulting services to many large corporations while becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). John decided to attempt an open-mic performance after realizing how many people are consumed in their corporate jobs and needed to laugh.

Since then, John has been heard on The Bob & Tom Radio Network, seen in concert with Train, opened for Louie Anderson at resort casinos, and named “Best of the Fest” at The Detroit International Comedy Festival.  Tracks from his debut comedy album, Outside the Box, can be heard on Sirius|XM Satellite Radio.  

Audiences across the country find that he is the adorably obnoxious guy they wish they had in their boring office, unless of course they were his manager.  His unmatched facial expressions and uniquely clean observations of the people around him have left audiences in hysterics while looking at everyday things with a disturbingly new perspective.

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