Deeper Weekend 2014

Coaching Courses

Moving Your Firm Forward

Are you ready to take the dive into firm ownership?  Or do you need a kick in the pants on moving your firm to serve globally, make new innovations a mainstay in your firm or taking your firm into the clouds?  Are you tired of the same way our stodgy profession has progressed in the past?  Do you know how to market to new clients online?  Are you still using time sheets (and losing money)?

“The THRIVEal PNF Coaching Course can be summed up in one word….MONUMENTAL! The information in this course will turn the profession on its ear by changing how CPAs interact with their clients and with each other, and how the valuable knowledge we hold can be passed on to our clients. The PNF Course is the ultimate Pay-It-Forward example….the information learned in the course will benefit our clients, and then continue to pay off down the line in places we will never see. It should be required for all CPAs interested in serving clients on a whole new level!”  Jonathan Godwin, CPA, Godwin & Associates, CPA, PNF Live Class of 2011

In the Pioneering the New Firm (PNF) coaching course, you will address the issues above and so many more! You will enter into 12 weeks of coaching (spread over 6 months) with up to 8 other accountancy professionals and be challenged like never before. This is not a course for the weak at heart! You will be asked to participate in the live class sessions, read each lesson before the live class, do your homework, collaborate with your class mates outside of class in an innovative online education platform and be ready to change! For 12 weeks, you will be asked to set aside your ideas of firm management, allow the members of this group to mold and shape your ideas, challenge what you believed and then help you set your direction before the next tax season rolls around. Group coaching will change your life!

Jason M. Blumer, CPA.CITP

Jason M. Blumer, CPA.CITP

I’m Jason M. Blumer, CPA.CITP, and I’ve been involved in group coaching and one-on-one coaching for many years.  It has been the most influential change agent in my life to make me into the professional I am today.  All of the money I’ve spent on my coaches has been returned to me multiple times in ideas I can no longer contain, in new innovative revenue models, in new firm and staff management ideas, accountability, the freedom to think outside of the box, etc.  I can’t name all of the benefits.

LIVE course details

Each of the 12 courses will require three things of the members:

  1. Read the written lessons before the online live class (20 to 30 minutes),
  2. Answer collaborative questions on the reading materials, and comment on other members’ answers (45 to 60 minutes),
  3. Attend a live online coaching session where you will participate with members (the same group each week) and comment on their progress as well as your own (90 minutes)


  • Introduction
  • Pre-work

New Pricing:

  • Session 1. :: The Importance of Profit
  • Session 2. :: Value Pricing in a Commodity World
  • Session 3. :: Creative Pricing Strategies

New Management:

  • Session 4. :: Managing Your Trade vs. Working in Your Trade
  • Session 5. :: Knowledge Management

New Marketing:

  • Session 6. :: Branding and Visioning: The Requirements of Narrow Positioning
  • Session 7. :: Strategic Client Selection

New Processes:

  • Session 8. :: The Big Goal Behind Process Design
  • Session 9. :: Building Value into Your Firm Through Process
  • Session 10. :: The Strategy Behind ‘No Paper’

Finishing Up:

  • Session 11. :: What Does a Leader Do?
  • Participate in an open session

(Course titles, the course order and dates are subject to change.)

LIVE Course

The course costs $4,795 to participate. The time I’ve spent writing this material, creating the courses and the time we’ll spend together will be worth far more than the cost you’ll pay. The full balance must be paid up front.  We will meet live together as a group after every reading assignment, and continue our learning together.  As mentioned by some of last year’s course members, the live meetings were the most special and everyone got the most out of meeting together live.  The relationships you will build during this course will be with you for the remainder of your professional life.


The course costs $1,200 to participate as self study.  This is the same Pioneering the New Firm Course as the live course, except we have removed the Live meetings.  Instead, you will progress through the course on your own.  The learning platform does allow for multiple students to go through the course at the same time, so that is an option if you want to coordinate that with other students.  Instead of the live meetings, there will be 22 videos prepared and scattered through the PNF Coaching Course meant to teach, challenge and educate.

No matter which course method you choose, Live or Self Study, they will both include the two hour Open Session at the end where we will work through the things you need to change in your firm going forward.  Live course and Self Study course members may be in the same Two Hour Open Sessions.

A Note on Knowledge Capture: There will be no booklets given out before or after the coaching course, so you may want to capture all readings into your own pdf format. The course, which will be given in an innovative online learning platform, will include all questions and the students’ answers, and will remain open for a short period of time so you can refer back to the course periodically. If you participate in the LIVE course, audio recordings will be created of the live meetings and will be made available to the Live course coaching members. The live audio recordings will be available for sale to the Self Study participants for an additional price.

The things you learn in this course will be with you the rest of your career! This may be the catalyst to push you to the next level of growth and profitability. You can’t know who you will learn from, what relationships you’ll build and the changes you’ll make in your own firm. The alumni of this course will be contacts for the rest of your life. Don’t hesitate to implement strategy and intention into your firm!

We’re not the only ones excited about the results:

“The Pioneering the New Firm coaching course is one of the better things I’ve accomplished this past year. We’re 8 lessons in (still have 3 more sessions to go), and I get it. I was a rebel at the beginning, ready to stay small, and kicking Jason in the side every step of the way. I was a pain in the butt, and pushed back on everything. But, I’ve ended up changing. A lot – though I’m probably still a pain in the butt… My clarity on my niche, my clarity on growth this next year, all this found stimulation in this course. If you’re a CPA who is or will be a firm owner within the next few years, you need to take this course.” –Barrett Young, CPA

Interested? Get in touch with Jennifer Blumer, THRIVEal Community Manager at with questions. Or, if you are really serious, sign up now for the self-study version!