Deeper Weekend 2014



A little bit about Mike

When I went to college, initially my dream was to become a financial analyst in a large investment firm. I didn’t exactly know what financial analysts did, but I knew they made a lot of money. Full of excitement and optimism I started sending out my resume in hope to land a new job. The year was 2008 – the year Lehman Brothers closed their door, and my all hopes and dreams went down the drain.

Later through a series of ups and downs and failed entrepreneurial endeavors, I found myself working in a small software company’s accounting department where I eventually became a finance manager. While working at that job I started realizing that a good accountant can really have a significant impact on business performance. After completing my master’s degree in accounting, I started freelancing on the side, and eventually, it grew into me opening my accounting firm and leaving my full-time job.

I hope to apply everything that I learned thus far in helping clients to create a business they are proud of, and internally I would like to build a firm that’s customer service orientated and guides their clients through the entrepreneurial journey – and always to continue learning.

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