Deeper Weekend 2014


Smith, CPA


A little bit about Magen


I have a superpower.

I can give numbers a dirty look and they just fall into place. BAM!

Ok, not really, but I did start Magen Smith CPA, LLC with the goal of helping small business owners grow their business. Most small business owners rock at what they do but find the “number stuff” overwhelming and confusing, right?  I like to work closely with my customers to reach their personal goals, help them understand their financial information and figure out how to do this thang (yes, thAng) called being a  business owner. I also have experience in the self storage industry and kinda rock at it.

Magen Smith CPA, LLC exists to turn your spark into a fire through education, accounting assistance and coaching.

I have been married to an awesome fella since 2001 and we have 2 beautiful little girls (a 3 year old and a 1 year old). We have a dream to sell our house in a few years and live in an RV with the kids. For fun, I enjoy kayaking with my husband, reading, spending time with family and learning about new things.

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