Deeper Weekend 2014



“I joined the Craftsman level of Thriveal because that’s where all my friends are and they are the smartest, most supportive accountants I know. We all share information and answer each other’s questions. We are a community of learners and reading about what everyone else is doing challenges me to push myself to be the best I can be at serving my customers and creating the business I want. Thriveal saves me time because I can get my questions answered fast and know about the best technology options. I know I have made more money while starting my firm by being in this community.” - Carol LeBlanc

A little bit about Carol



The accounting firm of Carol L LeBlanc, CPA is truly a labor of love, born out of her calling to help small business owners with their accounting. Passionate about business, Carol’s love for designing accounting systems automates & accelerates accounting processes for business owners.  Through remote web-based environments, eliminating the need for paper, customers work closely with Carol managing their systems. Choose accounting system setup and training, bookkeeper oversight, anything QuickBooks or done for you bookkeeping services. If your team would benefit from an experienced accountant, to assist with bookkeeping & streamlining accounting systems through technology, then Carol Leblanc, CPA could be the fit you and your business are seeking.

Carol is known for her skills of teaching and training and her ability to genuinely connect with and care about the customers she serves.

Over the past thirteen years Carol has built a solid body of business and accounting knowledge starting with the basics of bookkeeping, sales tax & payroll and adding layers of income tax preparation, auditing and most recently cloud based software solutions for accounting. Carol is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a Certified Public Accountant.

My Why:

Doing the work I love, supporting others in doing the work they love, using our gifts as only we can because of our unique self-expression

What I Believe:

  • I believe that life should be good and work should be a joy.
  • I believe that you should have accounting systems that support you at the highest level to free up your time and energy to share your gifts with the world through your business.
  • I believe that technology should be leveraged to make accounting easier and less time consuming.
  • I believe that we should value ourselves very highly and by doing that we will attract customers that will value us and that we can truly help and work with at a deep level.
  • I believe that business owners should have accurate and timely financial information and have someone that will help them understand how that information translates into the state of their business.
  • I believe that coaching should be a part of the accounting process to allow us to set aside time and space to envision our future and then plan the steps that will take us there.

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