Deeper Weekend 2014



A little bit about Barrett

My Purpose: Accounting For Superheroes

I exist to support the innovative underground in their pursuit of creative disruption.

Hey, what’s up? My name is Barrett Young. I grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, and joined the Marines at 18 because I never wanted to be an accountant (both my parents were accountants…). The Marines sent me to Maryland, where I met my wife and eventually, at the end of my enlistment in 2006, picked up some part time accounting work with a CPA firm.

I was hooked forever by both.

In 2012, I created The Green Abacus to focus on providing accounting and business strategy to new businesses. I don’t do taxes, audits, or payroll because I want to be available to you year-round without distraction. I focus extensively on growing IT companies run by 1 or 2 owners, in business under 3-5 years and still under $2MM revenue. Whether you’re involved in hardware, software, app development, interwebs design, managed IT services, or a retail/break-fix shop, I’m here to help you meet your goals for growth.

Innovation starts underground. Let’s get you noticed.

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