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What brands do you love? Apple? Nike? Billiam (a local favorite)?

Why are you attracted to that brand? Something draws us to fashion, food, and locations that have been bold enough to take a stand for who they are for, and what they believe. Brands make humans feel heard or understood. Brands do a lot to help humans navigate our world in ways we enjoy and love. Your world is ordered and driven by branding. Not completely – I just mean branding is a signpost that directs you in ways you already want to go. You have a proclivity towards the things you love. All humans do.

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Marketing and Branding

Would you get a tattoo of your firm’s logo? The logo of the firm you own or work for? I’m not talking about a tattoo on your forehead or neck or butt. I’m talking about a tattoo in a normal place like your shoulder or ankle or just above your butt.


People get tattoos of company logos all the time. People get Harley-Davidson tattoos so often it’s boring. I mean if you’re going to have a midlife crisis, at least put some thought into it. But people also get tattoos of some real weirdo corporate stuff like the guy who got a tattoo of the KFC Double Down and the guy with the Walmart tramp stamp. I’m pretty sure the KFC one was a paid stunt, and I’m confident the Walmart one was joke (and as a joke, it’s the definition of being committed to a bit). Read more

I was working with a firm owner recently, and we were exploring where his clients were really coming from. He has been growing, but he didn’t really have a website and he wasn’t really marketing. How can you grow if you don’t have a website, a logo, or participate in marketing activities? Similar question: why do some firms fail to grow when they do have a solid website, a logo, and participate in marketing?

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