Deeper Weekend 2014

Thriveal's Coaching and Advisory Lab — Launching June 2019!

Thriveal’s Coaching and Advisory Lab is an intensive weekly program for firms of all sizes who are serious about becoming coaches and advisors to their teams and/or clients. This program includes bi-weekly group meetings with Thriveal’s Community Coach and Facilitator, Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC, and alternating bi-weekly practice sessions of one on one coaching between the members of the Thriveal Coaching & Advisory Lab.

Members will be critiqued with group feedback on the practice coaching sessions so that they are equipped to sell and deliver live coaching sessions with their own clients. Selling and delivering a certain number of coaching sessions to clients is a requirement of the group. The live bi-weekly meetings will include reading through a resource list (required) for discussion with pre-work/homework.
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The Kickoff of the Lab is on May 30, 2019, 12 pm, EST

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