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Jennifer BlumerDisruptors, we have our work cut out for us.

Our firm was fortunate to be featured in a recent article on Huffington Post’s website. The article was primarily about how our firm is trying to do things a little differently. We focus on results. We don’t bill time. We have a fun retreat.

But like many articles, this one was read by some trolls. You know, the people too cowardly to use their own names and who make crazy blanket statements that assume the worst about people. According to those people, a CPA is not allowed to be creative.

Words matter. So let’s define creative. We can look at what it does not mean first, and then we can discuss what it does mean when a Thrivealist uses it. Read more

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Jennifer BlumerROWE may be simple, but it is not easy.


Our firm is diving deeper into defining results and truly trying to be a company that honors both customers and team members. But it’s not easy! We all work from home, but recently we had an opportunity to be together for two days in Hendersonville, NC for our retreat. We had games, margaritas, prizes, gifts, and lots and lots of discussion on how to manage projects. Read more

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Greg Kyte 2Whether you like it or not, your firm is telling a story. And it probably sucks.

According to Lisa Johnson, author of the e-book Story Juicing, “being influential is about connecting emotionally with your audience and bringing your ideas to life.” Problem is we’re unimpassioned CPAs with no emotions for audiences to connect with. We tend to barf data into our customers’ laps and hope they’ll be moved by our data puke.

They won’t.

That’s why we need to incorporate simple yet effective story elements into our presentations. Read more

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Greg Kyte 2I recently had an Oprah-quality million-dollar idea.


And this million-dollar idea is way better than my Johnny Jump Up Multi-Room Integrated Track System1 idea. The JJUMRITS might’ve made someone a million bucks, but it also might’ve been extremely unsafe for babies which – turns out – is horrible for PR. And for babies.


I also had a million-dollar idea for a biometric attendance-taker machine for high schools and junior highs3. That idea is like a million dollars of lunch money in a nerd’s pocket, just waiting for someone to punch it out of its zip-lock sandwich bag4 and into someone’s bank account. Read more
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Greg Kyte 2How do you take a service offering that can be easily commoditized and transform it into a highly sought-after experience that customers will pay a premium for?

Great question.

You can read about how to do it in Joe Pine and James Gilmore’s book The Experience Economy, you can listen to Episode 19 of the THRIVEcast, or you can expose yourself directly to the experience economy by visiting your local CrossFit Gym.

This month I recorded a video blog where I worked out with the CrossFit fanatics to see what they’re doing right, and to try to glean some lessons that we can apply to our CPA firms. Read more

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700_0661Good customers demonstrate certain behaviors as they work with your company. I’ll list some of the behaviors of our great customers. I call them Investment Behaviors because they demonstrate behaviors from customers who are invested in your firm.

1. Invested customers tell you how you can improve, with a caveat that they still love you. This is common. We ask our customers to pay us to deliver super value to them. I think we pull that off… most of the time. And when we don’t, our customers typically let us know: “Hey, you guys know I love you and that you are awesome, but you need to step it up here.” We improve because they tell us specifically how to improve.

Read more

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