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There are a few modern day authors that capture my attention. When these authors come out with a new book or presentation about a topic they have recently researched and assembled into useful ideas and theories, I take note. Cal Newport is one those authors that has challenged my thinking over the years, and his latest book, Digital Minimalism, was another great idea and topic to challenge myself again.


The aim of the book is to apply the concepts of minimalism (the art of knowing how much is enough) to our personal technology lives. Now, in fairness, I am not on the leading edge of social media use. I do not use my Facebook account, I count a total of 37 Instagram followers, at best I tweet 2x a month, I tried Snapchat for about a month, and the speed of my texting is shameful. With this framework in mind, I consider myself someone who has a good handle on social media use. However, as I worked through the concepts in the books, participated in a 30 day digital declutter, and honestly assessed the attachment of my smartphone, I realized that I had a lot to learn about using technology as a tool to support my goals and values, and gain better control of my life.

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I always knew that the end was near. I just never thought Jon Hamm would be the one to break the news.

But right now that good looking son of a bitch is on the TV with his sexy Mad Men voice telling everybody that — even though H&R Block employees are the Mark Hamills of the tax prep world¹ — IBM’s Watson is now their R2-D2. And even though H&R Block took Watson into mainstream tax prep, the hipster organization KPMG started using Watson for audit support before it was cool.

We’ve got to get used to the idea that robots are eventually going to make traditional accounting jobs irrelevant. Not convinced? Here are some other traditional jobs that robots are making obsolete: Read more

Jason BlumerThe Thriveal CPAs had such a good time in Las Vegas this week. We learned stuff, and hung out together.  But what was really cool was how a dude named Lance Walley hit me up on twitter on the way to Las Vegas with a message: “Hey dude, I need to meet you!”  I didn’t know who he was, but I always say “sure” when strange people want to meet me when I’m out of town. : )

He said he owned a company that did online recurring billing for clients of CPA firms.  I told him to take a bunch of us Thrivealists to dinner if he wanted to meet innovative CPAs, and HE DID!  Sweet!

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Jason BlumerLet me walk you through a brief history of accounting technology.  As we review the past, we can hopefully extrapolate where the future of accounting technology is leading the professional accountant.

Humble Beginnings

Our journey begins with Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks.  Intuit’s founder, Scott Cook, realized that personal computers would replace manual bookkeeping and began Intuit back in 1983 with Tom Proulx. Since their IPO in 1993, Intuit’s QuickBooks product has enjoyed a huge market share of the small business accounting market.  From the desktop version eventually came the QuickBooks Online Version, until they claimed a 94.2% market share in 2008 (according to an Intuit press release). Read more

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