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My partner and I have been learning so much lately about the beauty of minds. Not all minds are made alike, for sure, and we’ve been learning how each person’s mind is made depends on how those people are led, served, and changed.

In consulting, we often help leadership teams and owners understand themselves better, and then to understand the team they serve with, as well as the clients they serve. Everyone looks at their world in different ways. Leadership teams are often surprised to find out that the people they serve with (teams) or the people they serve (clients) don’t understand themselves very well. Humans don’t know themselves very well. Why is it important to know this? Because it helps you know what you can and cannot ask of these people in order to serve them well.

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My partner and I have been performing consulting for years. We fell into it with a particular client. We enjoy selling things we’ve never provided before, so years ago we discovered a client had a need that we thought an onsite consulting engagement could solve. Though we didn’t know how to do it then, we pitched the onsite consulting engagement and the client bought it (nothing like selling something you don’t know how to deliver to make you quickly become an expert in that service you just sold). So there we were seeking to figure out how to deliver a service we didn’t fully understand.


To figure out how to perform the consulting we just sold, we picked up the book Flawless Consulting, A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used by Peter Block. Peter Block is more a philosopher than a consultant, and he approaches his work from a principled mentality (as we do). That means he teaches foundational principles, or beliefs, and then you perform the detailed work of consulting based upon those beliefs. He’s been very influential in our process of consulting and we’re grateful that Peter Block will be on our Thrivecast podcast soon (sponsored by Intuit and

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