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REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBThe world is a wild and wooly place. Grappling order out of chaos, or introducing chaos into order, is a messy business. Which is why neatness is not the aim of business, even though we may sometimes consider it the aim of accounting.


In our efforts to come to terms with our reality, mental models can be very helpful. The concept of business as a ship, navigating uncharted waters, in search of undiscovered lands. Or that of climbing a mountain, catching glimpses of the peak, pressing on, but enjoying the journey. Or as we like talk about in Thriveal, cliff-jumping, blowing stuff up, and lab experiments on our way to making a new firm. These can help give us the clarity and impetus to act because we have a way to understand our movements in the broader story.


Conversely, mental models can also be very harmful. The idea of time as money. That monetary profits are the sole purpose of business. That perfection of the system is the goal (thus people become cogs in the machine). That leaders are all-knowing and inerrant. These are among the models that can increase our friction as they under-equip us to deal with the realities we face.

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Cliff Jumpers, CPA firm



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Thriveal Launches an Incubator for Accounting Entrepreneurs


By Jason Blumer, CPA
June 15, 2015


Greenville, SC – The Thriveal Network announces the launch of its Incubator, a year-long program to foster the creation of creative firms and creative firm owners. The first of its kind, the Incubator program seeks to continue the global mission of Thriveal to change the accounting profession into one of high value entrepreneurs.

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Cliff Jumpers, CPA firm