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700_0661Good customers demonstrate certain behaviors as they work with your company. I’ll list some of the behaviors of our great customers. I call them Investment Behaviors because they demonstrate behaviors from customers who are invested in your firm.

1. Invested customers tell you how you can improve, with a caveat that they still love you. This is common. We ask our customers to pay us to deliver super value to them. I think we pull that off… most of the time. And when we don’t, our customers typically let us know: “Hey, you guys know I love you and that you are awesome, but you need to step it up here.” We improve because they tell us specifically how to improve.

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jen-pic-2Running a business is a scary thing.

This was the topic of a recent thread in Thriveal’s private online community. A member was seeking the wisdom and input from others on whether or not that still, small voice should, in fact, be told to shut up or serve as a warning that something needed attention. I love the transparency in our community.

It turns out that fear is pretty common. We fear forgetting something really important that will impact our customers. We fear losing a big customer. We fear hiring the wrong person. We fear change. We fear trying something new and it being a big flop. We fear technology making our jobs obsolete. We fear being sued. We fear running out of new ideas. We fear sharing our ideas because someone else might steal it. We fear not knowing the answer. Read more