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Greg Kyte 2Lately I’ve been hearing this kind of crap:


I call BS. The American Dream is not dead; its bastardized, mutant, entitled misinterpretation is.


First, let’s make sure we know what the hell we’re talking about. The American Dream (that’s not dead) is the idea that if you’re really smart and really hard working, the life you lead in the future can be dramatically better than the life you had in the past. The American Dream says that opportunities exist; if you find them quicker and leverage them better than the next guy, you’ll make some money and your dad might finally be proud of you. The American Dream says that the employee can become the boss, the tenant can become the landlord, and the janitor can become the head custodian.



If you want to be a member of Thriveal, you have three options. You can be an Artisan, a Craftsman, or a Builder. I’ll provide an overview in this week’s post and we can dig into each level more specifically in later posts.

Artisans are those who have been running their own firms long enough to know what growing pains feel like. They have a certain level of revenue and at least one team member. Some have partners. They are looking for growth, but they want to be strategic as they grow. Read more

Behind The Scenes

jen-pic-2My pastor, Peter Hubbard, is a great teacher and story teller. Back in 2008, we were working our way through the New Testament book of Ephesians as a church and we were learning about corrupt and uncorrupt speech. This is when I first heard about funneling.

Funneling is something most all of us have mastered without really even trying. It is the art of taking any topic, no matter what it is, and making it about yourself.

For example,

Your Colleague: We had some killer green beans for Christmas.

You: I once had a restaurant owner for a client. His green beans were really good too. With my guidance, he was able to open 4 new locations his second year. Read more