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REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBThe problem of our age is too much choice.

Endless possibilities are endless. Technology lifts limits, but provides no direction. The land of opportunity is all potential.

The result: dissipated energy.

“A large part of the beauty of a picture arises from the struggle which an artist wages with his limited medium.” -Henri Matisse

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Other Thoughts, Personal Growth

I’ve mentioned before that Thriveal has three levels of membership. You can be an Artisan, a Craftsman, or a Builder. Let’s talk about Builders today.

A Builder can be an accountant at any level working in an accounting or CPA firm. Ideally, they would hope to be owners one day, and many times, they already are.

What do Builders get with their membership?

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Behind The Scenes

700_0661Good customers demonstrate certain behaviors as they work with your company. I’ll list some of the behaviors of our great customers. I call them Investment Behaviors because they demonstrate behaviors from customers who are invested in your firm.

1. Invested customers tell you how you can improve, with a caveat that they still love you. This is common. We ask our customers to pay us to deliver super value to them. I think we pull that off… most of the time. And when we don’t, our customers typically let us know: “Hey, you guys know I love you and that you are awesome, but you need to step it up here.” We improve because they tell us specifically how to improve.

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