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jen-pic-2My pastor, Peter Hubbard, is a great teacher and story teller. Back in 2008, we were working our way through the New Testament book of Ephesians as a church and we were learning about corrupt and uncorrupt speech. This is when I first heard about funneling.

Funneling is something most all of us have mastered without really even trying. It is the art of taking any topic, no matter what it is, and making it about yourself.

For example,

Your Colleague: We had some killer green beans for Christmas.

You: I once had a restaurant owner for a client. His green beans were really good too. With my guidance, he was able to open 4 new locations his second year. Read more


REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBThe Firm of the Future. What does the future look like? And how does one ready their firm to flourish in it? Lately, the future seems to be arriving faster than it used to, and these questions have increasingly grown in significance. Many of you also recognize The Firm of the Future as the title of the landmark book by Ronald Baker and Paul Dunn, where they lay out an argument and a plan for professional firms that shifts focus intensely to identifying and pricing for value. Another highly recommended title and a companion volume: Implementing Value Pricing.

Like many Thrivealists, I am fascinated by the concept of the firm of the future – it’s so core to who we are, and runs as a common thread through our Manifesto. The more I thought about it though, the more I came to think that “the firm of the future” was somewhat of a misnomer. I had a chance to actually chat about it once with Ron Baker, and he readily agreed. He wasn’t fully comfortable with the term, but he hadn’t found one he liked better just yet. More recently you’ll often find him, and other members of the VeraSage think-tank, using the phrase “timeless firms,” which I find much more apt. Read more

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jen-pic-2We have been really excited about the launch of our new site. Please take a look around. Get to know our members, listen to the Thrivecast and comment on the shows, and enjoy our blog.

It occurred to me that those of you not in Thriveal may not know what it means to be a member of Thriveal, so I hope to take a few minutes on Fridays to enlighten you about what goes on behind the scenes in our community, especially now that we are featuring most of our members on our site! These are not isolated members who only interact with Thriveal, a company. These are members of a community interacting with one another in many ways to help each other succeed. Read more

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