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bryanThat’s what I really wish someone would’ve told me.

“Jumping the cliff” is our euphemism in Thriveal for quitting your day job and going out on your own.  It’s a scary proposition.  When you jump, you’re in free fall and rock bottom is staring you right in the face.

I felt the ground was coming faster than my wings could flap, so I prolonged the jump. In the name of “preparing” myself, I did a lot to avoid the plunge.  Looking back on it now, I can see a few trends: Read more

Cliff Jumpers, CPA firm

REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBI met Ron Baker in person for the first time in 2011. Before that, I had read his articles online and attended a webinar he presented. But in 2011, I attended the first Thriveal Deeper Weekend, which was a “Firm of the Future” seminar offered by Ron Baker and Ed Kless. That was two days of brain-crushing, mind-altering, future-shifting learning and dialogue.


I immediately started to change things: first with a handful of customers with whom we had strong relationships, then with certain service types, etc. I remember a year later, I’d hardly made the progress I wanted to, and was feeling down wondering if it was ever going to happen. I remember chatting with Ron around that time, and he mentioned in passing that firms usually take three years to fully transition to value pricing. Whew – I was much relieved: I still had time.


Three years later, I look back, and boy, there has been such a change between then and now. I’m happy to say, we’re now completely value priced — I’m still learning (and doubt I’ll ever stop), but I feel so much more freed as a business owner having gone through this process. I was recently reflecting on some of the realizations I’ve had along the way and wanted to share them with you: Read more

TJG_7616At Thriveal, we don’t take our partnerships lightly. We work hard to be valuable to our sponsors, and they expect the same thing from us.
Like other accounting community conferences, our annual Deeper Weekend conference is made possible by the awesome sponsors in our community. I want to take a moment to publicly thank them, give them some love, and let you know why we wanted them as sponsors (we won’t partner with just anyone). Here is the line up of our sponsors that made our event so special:

Read more

Deeper Weekend

Greg Kyte 2An advertising agency in Minneapolis is bribing its employees with beer to get them to turn in their timesheets. This officially puts time tracking on the same level as having unprotected sex — many people only do it when beer is involved.


The firm enacted the program by developing The Tapserver, a beer-for-timesheets robot. The Tapserver asks employees to scan their keycard, verifies that the worker’s time sheet has been completed, and rewards the employee with his or her choice of beer from the machine’s “multi-keg beer deployment system.” The Tapserver’s software was written to tie seamlessly with the company’s timekeeping application. Read more


Jennifer BlumerI love planning Deeper Weekend. It is so fun to plan all the little surprises and details for our members and guests that make the trip to Greenville. And it’s my opportunity to interact with several vendors as the customer in a short period of time. That means I get to compare one customer experience to another. Some companies are a pleasure to work with. Others, not so much. And the good ones make the rest look pretty bad.

The truth is we like to feel good, and we like to work with people that make us feel good. We are emotional people, and no matter how reasonable we are, if we are frustrated by a vendor, we’ll stop working with them. No matter how nice the product or service is.

Let’s take the bartending business I hired for the welcome reception. (Might as well give them a plug – use Liquid Catering if you’re ever planning an event in Greenville!) I get the overall impression that they have their act together. When I contacted them initially, they immediately took control and told me how they operate. I knew the pricing for their packages, what was included, and when payments were due. They told me how I would go about choosing the drinks we would serve at our event. I know what time they will come set up at the venue. And I have worked with ONE person consistantly throughout the process. Read more

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