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I work on Saturdays at our cowork space alone. It’s a quiet time for me, and a special time for me to be creative. I truly love it. I get to explore my mind as I create all of the content our two companies need from me. This way I work isn’t an accident. My partner and I designed my calendar with this in mind.

I work from 8:30 to 6 pm each day, Monday through Saturday. And sometimes I work a little bit on Sunday as we are pivoting our work due to the pandemic. My work week totals 60 to 65 hours a week. My partner works about that much, too. It’s what running 2 companies simultaneously takes. You may read those hours and then apply what you think about my work week through a lens of what you believe, what you think you need, how you grew up, what your boss requires, and a million other reasons why you may think I should or should not work that much. You may even believe those hours are too little, not too much. I’m not sure. Read more

I just spent a couple of hours on a Saturday detailing out a potential new high-value process in our firm that we’ll be launching soon to new clients. This process is going to bring a lot of clarity to all of the moving parts that our team is involved in during our client’s onboarding.

I want to detail a few points about the value of building processes before I talk about the main point of this article.

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Thriveal’s team is growing! Since we just added a new team member, we thought this would be a good time to share who we are and a little of what we each do.


Here is Jason Blumer. You already know him as a speaker and writer in the Accounting Profession. You also know him as the co-host of the Thrivecast and a regular blogger on our site. Jason founded Thriveal and serves as the CEO (key visionary) of our team. And this year, he will also be one of the speakers at Deeper Weekend. (Register here) Jason’s heart is to help firm owners love their work and serve their clients well.

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Behind The Scenes
Jason BlumerI was excited to share Thriveal’s vision for 2016 in our annual Family Meeting a couple of weeks ago.
You can watch the recording of our Family Meeting below if you missed it:
Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.26.38 PM


We have a leadership team in Thriveal now. This means we are able to make our visions much larger, because smarter people are attempting to pull them off. Have you ever wondered what we do at Thriveal? Here it is…

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