Deeper Weekend 2014



Scott Kregel

Scott is one part of a team of individuals that make up Kregel & Company. We change people’s lives by coming alongside those in their pursuit of doing good. At our core, we are givers looking to give opportunity, peace of mind and inspiration to small businesses and their owners. We help starters and established companies with practical accounting and tax consulting and compliance solutions. Whether you are looking to move your business accounting to the cloud, need ongoing bookkeeping support or desire strategic tax, financial and operational planning, Kregel & Company CPA will provide innovative solutions to save on taxes, prevent costly mistakes and free up your valuable time to run your business. We specialize in working with Creatives… those that use their minds to make a living, and the leaders of those small businesses. You could be a medical practitioner, a professional services firm, or a construction industry professional. Working together, we look to enrich the lives of our customers so that they are better off through their relationship with us.

Recent articles from Scott:

Building a business is hard – building a great business is even harder. As leaders, we are thinking about strategy, processes, team building, workflow, technology, customer attention and care, pricing, and so many other things every day. In fact, when we sit back and reflect, we know that we are generally ordinary people trying to […]
Every couple of months, I go back to a book that I have read and write up a book review. In these book reviews, I try to organize my thoughts and learning – this helps me to document my understanding and hopefully it also shares some worthwhile insights for you. For the past several months, […]
We are all seeing the influence of technology on our lives. It is rewiring our minds; it is accelerating the pace of innovation, and it is causing dramatic changes in how we live our day to day lives. Some people embrace this and say, ‘bring it on’; others are a little more resonant about it; and […]
“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” – Marcus Aurelius What does this mean? Obstacles, challenges, diversions all interrupt our line of thinking and course of action. However, in many ways, these very hindrances can be confronted and turned to opportunity and this is where we experience the […]
One of the greatest characteristics to exhibit is one of teachability. We admire those who operate with a pursuit of lifelong learning. In fact, how noble it is to call ourselves a lifelong learner. Or how impressive is it to call ourselves a coach who brings transformation to others. If you peel back what is at the […]