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Melinda Guillemette

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While it may seem like stress is coming at you from all directions, there are only two real sources: Stress we absorb from circumstances, and Stress we create for ourselves.   It’s important to recognize the two sources, because it gives us a little more control so we can choose a healthier response.
Them: Oh, hey. Got a minute? You (Crap! No, I really don’t.): Umm, sure. Them: Gosh, I said I’d have my stuff in to you by last week, but I just couldn’t get it done. I’ll get it to you in the next couple of days, ok? You (Oh-please-just-shoot-me): Well, ok.
“Are You Self Critical? Hint: Yes, You Are. Stop It!”  Melinda Guillemette Entrepreneurial CPAs are both dreamers and doers. You’re uncomfortable with the status quo, even if it’s a status quo you’ve created. You push the envelope and you push yourselves.
There’s nothing firm owners enjoy less than an awkward, difficult, honest conversation with a team member. Yet have them you must. There are times when one of your employees isn’t performing well, is behaving poorly, or is simply tap dancing on your last nerve. Usually, the team member provides no help in initiating these conversations, […]
While facilitating a Thriveal Community Group call a couple of weeks ago, I listened to participants discuss how they were feeling about owning their firms, and I noticed a common thread. So I addressed the elephant in the video chat room: “How many of you absolutely have puckered butts right now?” Every single participant raised […]