Deeper Weekend 2014



Jennifer Blumer

Jennifer serves as the Director of Community for the Thriveal CPA Network, assisting members with their needs. With a background in education, she is fascinated with how people best learn. Jennifer enjoys learning along with the Thriveal members about how to best serve their teams and their customers. Some of her favorites roles in Thriveal include producing the THRIVEcast each month, interacting with Thriveal members in the online community, and planning the yearly learning gathering held each fall in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC. Jennifer also works closely with her husband (twenty years and counting!), Jason Blumer, and their team at Blumer & Associates, CPAs as the Director of Operations. In addition to her responsibilities with Thriveal and Blumer & Associates, Jennifer produces The Businessology Show monthly, featuring Dan Mall and Jason Blumer as co-hosts. The show focuses on the business of design and the design of business. In her “spare time,” she also homeschools her middle school aged daughter, Mary Evelyn (13). Jennifer and Jason have two other daughters as well, Rachel (15) and Betsie (8). Jennifer loves college football and especially the South Carolina Gamecocks. She also enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks and helping her husband Jason with business coaching. Contact Jennifer for more information about Thriveal, the podcasts, or if you are a creative customer interested in working with Blumer CPAs.

Recent articles from Jennifer:

I recently attempted something new, and much to my surprise looking back on the experience, I felt much of the same as I have in my fledgling business. For those of you who don’t know me as well as you’d like, let it be known that I am a fan of a well-made beer. I have always […]
Last month, I saw something that torqued my brain while I was driving to Cinnabon. Why was I headed to Cinnabon? Great question, Inspector General. I needed a four-pack to realize my lifelong dream of eating several Cinnabon Classic Rolls in my underpants during a movie marathon.   The day was lining up nicely for […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Thriveal Launches an Incubator for Accounting Entrepreneurs   By Jason Blumer, CPA June 15, 2015   Greenville, SC – The Thriveal Network announces the launch of its Incubator, a year-long program to foster the creation of creative firms and creative firm owners. The first of its kind, the Incubator program […]
I asked our members to share some thoughts on Deeper Weekend and got some hilarious and amazing quotes. Enjoy!   “It’s the most fun you can legally have in Greenville in November.” “Deeper Weekend, come spend time with the coolest Accounting Tribe.” “A conference for weirdos, by weirdos.” “DW…where it’s actually hard to be the […]
I love planning Deeper Weekend. It is so fun to plan all the little surprises and details for our members and guests that make the trip to Greenville. And it’s my opportunity to interact with several vendors as the customer in a short period of time. That means I get to compare one customer experience to […]
I know I say this every year, but I am really excited about Deeper Weekend this year. It’s my favorite three days of the year in Thriveal-land. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is a joy to me. Really! I love it. It’s humbling that people come back each year, and we don’t take […]