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Ian Crook

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Of all of the worries of owning a business, the anticipation of a possible IRS audit has to be one of the worst. As a business owner, you want to grow and be forward thinking, but then an IRS agent forces you to rehash the past in excruciating detail. With clean books and correct record […]
It’s easy for businesses to get bogged down with data entry, managing bills, and cutting checks (yes, people still do that). The folks at Entryless want to help. As their name suggests, they remove the ‘entry’ and streamline the rest, down to actually getting the vendors paid. Entryless is quickly becoming the trusted automated bill […]
For any small business selling products, sales tax is a time suck. Business owners are required to become experts on state specific requirements, nexus, and even county taxes. With a growing number of businesses selling online, states are cracking down on “out of state sales” and more and more businesses are finding themselves owing taxes […]
The past decade has produced many great tech products for accountants. Although most of the tools focus on ways to do work efficiently, none have changed the way accountants communicate, manage workflow, or lead their teams. The team at Karbon is disrupting the way accountants think about their task management by giving them tools to […]
There is a growing disconnect between accountants and their clients. Accountants generally provide great data on a company’s historical performance while today’s business owners crave more forward-focused advice to ensure their day to day decisions propel their businesses forward. ProfitCents seeks to solve this problem by offering accountants an easy means to create narrative financial health reports, projections, and […]