Deeper Weekend 2014



Adrian Simmons

Adrian G. Simmons is a CPA innovating ways to put money in its place. His first debit was made in the classrooms of Loyola University Maryland, where he completed his studies in 2000, and then launched out as an auditor with KPMG Baltimore. He was relieved to have passed the CPA exam in one sitting so he could avoid more studying, but was surprised to learn that it came with an Elijah Watts Sells Silver medal. In 2002, he left KPMG to join his father in public practice, and began the work of serving small businesses, individuals, and non-profits. Since that time, the practice has grown to now four individuals, and the team works together to help customers become financially strong, so that they can focus on what truly matters in life. Adrian likes tech, uses a fountain pen, prefers dark over milk chocolate, and is happy to say he recently survived a half-marathon. His faith is very important to him, and he teaches Sunday school at his local parish. He also likes the out-of-doors, always keeping an eye out for ways to walk, hike, bike, ski, scuba, camp, swim, and others — one he’d really like to do soon is whitewater rafting. In the world of accounting, his interests lie in finding ways to make business more human, in keeping numbers secondary as a support to life aspirations, and in molding technology to enable creative expression. He is excited to be a part of the network of Thrivealists who share this passion, and are pioneering a new future for the profession.

Recent articles from Adrian:

Over the years, I’ve developed a skepticism of brands, a healthy one I hope. And I would venture to say you have too. One ad after another, all making claims to be the best thing ever. Common sense tells us it can’t actually be — we all want to believe that particular cologne/perfume is going […]
It’s right before tax season, and I’m sitting here at a table in my office’s front room, typing away on my laptop. This moment has significance. We moved into this office space in February 2012, right as tax season started that year. It came after an unexpected offer to change suites at our office park to a ground […]
It’s that time of year: time for Thriveal Laboratory’s list of 3 experiments to try in 2015. Building on the idea that the phrase that will change your business’s future is, “I’d like to try an experiment. . .let’s see if this works,” we’d like to challenge you to identify one or two things you’ll […]
The first hypothesis tested by the Thriveal Laboratory is that “there will be multiple successful business models for accounting firms of the future.” This challenges the notion that all accounting firms are moving towards one new model. To test this hypothesis, we gathered a team of six CPA firms, surveyed the current landscape, acquainted ourselves with a […]
Remember back in elementary school, when it was time to try something new in a science experiment? Everybody paired up with a lab partner. Well, the learning shouldn’t stop. Neither should the experimenting. And neither should the lab partners. The Thriveal Laboratory has as its mission: to encourage strategic risk-taking in the accounting industry, by lowering […]
I met Ron Baker in person for the first time in 2011. Before that, I had read his articles online and attended a webinar he presented. But in 2011, I attended the first Thriveal Deeper Weekend, which was a “Firm of the Future” seminar offered by Ron Baker and Ed Kless. That was two days […]