Deeper Weekend 2014

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Yo, yo, Jason Blumer here from Thriveal and I wanted to read you something, it’s really cool. Some people in our online private community in Thriveal are posting about their hopes about 2021 and how they’re looking so forward to 2021, and that’s so cool. And one of our long-time members posted some things that he was excited about and then he said, “I’m working to share that energy with my customers who are tired, fearful, but hopeful to what 2021 will bring.”

So you have permission right now in this video to be hopeful about 2021, right? We’re angst-y about what 2020 was and how hard that year was and so we’re a little jaded to have hope for 2021. But I just want to give you some hope and give you permission to have hope, you can have hope for 2021. You get to because in life whatever you’ve gone through up to this point does not predetermine what you’re going to go through in the future. You know what, guess who I’m talking to? Myself. All the hard things that my partner and I have gone through this year, and a lot of personal things, that doesn’t define and necessarily state what 2021 is going to be.

So I hope you will have hope for the future, hope for 2021. It’s going to be what you always do as an entrepreneur and you’re going to own your future. And then I hope you’ll do what this member of Thriveal said that they’re going to work to share that energy with their clients who are still struggling and I hope you’ll do that too.

So here’s to 2021, you know what? 2020 can kiss our butt, it does not define or own who we are, 2021 gets to be a future that we decide. So I hope you’ll commit to that ownership of 2021, do that with me, do that with me and Julie, my partner, as we’re going to step into the future and we’re going to own 2021. So come on that journey with us and here’s to great holidays and to a great next year, take care.

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