Deeper Weekend 2014

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We didn’t plan on the pandemic wrecking our team retreat. So we’ve been virtual for almost a decade. And this year, we were supposed to have all of our team fly in for a few days of a team retreat, where we serve each other, care for one another. And some people, we just haven’t met in person yet. And we miss our team. We’re with them every day and the pandemic blew that up. So what we’ve been doing is pivoting not only services and things that everybody else is doing, but we’re pivoting a team retreat. So we’re turning it into a virtual team retreat, but we’re trying to bring as many aspects of the intimate part of being in person to the virtual part of it as well. And just a couple of things we’ve done is we got our team involved. Our leadership team started leading their own teams to build out certain parts of it.

So our team is going to lead parts of the team retreat. It’s not just my partner and I. And then also, everybody’s leaving their homes. They’re still leaving. And those that can, and that it’s safe and feel comfortable, they’re going to some hotels, so they can virtually still feel like they’re away and it’s different. So these are some of the things we’re changing and it’s coming up soon. And we’re really excited to teach our team new things, to hear parts of our team teach things that none of our team know we do, like the marketing processes. We’re going to teach our team how all that happens. We’re so excited. But even though the pandemic blows things up, you can still pivot and make things special. It’s just going to be different. So there’s some sense of us embracing.

It’s not going to be what we thought it was, it’s going to be different. But in that can also come things we don’t anticipate. So our team has just stepped up and they’re leading their own teams to build such amazing things. And we’re so excited about how we can serve each other. And we’ll do some updates to let you know how our virtual team retreat is going as we’ve pivoted from a live team retreat. So those are just some things we’re working through and some thoughts on how we’re pivoting that. So let us know how you’re pivoting the things in your firm too, because this is a tough time for everybody. We’ll see you.

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