Deeper Weekend 2014

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I can’t help it. I got to let the cat out of the bag on some Deeper Weekend content we’re going to be talking about this year in October 2019. Go to if you want to come. Deeper Weekend is where we go deep into one topic. We’re going to be talking about how to structure and build and scale an entrepreneurial accounting organization in EAO. It’s something we developed and we’ve gone through a lot of structure and a lot of building about how to do it.

Now, one thing I wanted to tell you about that we’re going to dive into is the order of building a service based business. This structure that we’re going to show you and develop or have developed, but that we’re building out visually for people to see, is that there is an order to how you build a service based business. There is market components, there’s service components, which are internal and external components and the order in which you lay them out and solve the problems, or the order at which you win.

And so what we’ve found in consulting with firms and other service based agencies and organization is that a lot of problems come from a misordered building of a service based business. A lot of that won’t make sense, but you have to do things in order to build a business to get it right. And so when we find a service based company is struggling with why won’t this market buy our product, what they’ve done is they’ve mixed some orders of how they build and define things in their service organization.

We’re going to clarify all that, and you’re going to know from now on what orders in which do I build the components to serve in the right way with the right team structure, revenue structure, business models. You’re going to know the order to do it. And when you figure out that order, it’s going to be mind blowing. Things will just become amazingly clear and you’re going to start to really be able to fix your organization, tweak it, and change it in a way that it will be healthy, it will grow, it will be effective.

I can’t wait to share the orders and the drivers of these parts of the structure. It comes from years of consulting. We’ve packaged it all and we can’t wait to teach it to everybody at Deeper Weekend, so we’ll see you at Deeper Weekend in October, It’s our ninth year, and it’s going to be so clarifying and amazing. We’ll see you soon. Take care.



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