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I am pumped. Soon, on the Thrive Cast, we get to interview Peter Block, a great author that’s influenced me a lot. And I love this book, and I talked about his book, Community, at the end of last year, and I want to read something to you. This is a reminder of how to build a firm in a community, really as individuals, how we all relate to a community that we’re in and the benefit of a community.

Here’s what Peter Block says. He says, “This freedom confronts us all.” He just had been talking about some things that make us free in being part of a community, and he says, “It is out of this freedom which all of us have ways of escaping,” all of us have ways of escaping freedom, “That authentic accountability is born.” So, when we’re fully free within a community and that freedom is the responsibility we have. So, as we step into a community, we have responsibility to that community. That gives us the freedom to transform that community into what we want it to be. But with that freedom comes authentic accountability. That’s how it’s born. “I will be accountable for only that which I’ve had a hand in creating, my life and community included.”

So, I just want to remind you that building a firm has a lot to do with being in a community that will hold you accountable for the freedom you have to build the firm you want. Pretty life-changing when you start to think about it. Now, what that means is there’s a responsibility you’ve got to own. You’ve got to take it on and say, “Yep, I agree to be responsible for this freedom I have of building the firm I want.” Now, when I step into this freedom, this responsible freedom, now I’m accountable to everybody in a community that cares about me. They’re going to check up on me and go… They’re going to say, “Hey, you said you’re going to do this and you said you’re responsible, so we’re holding you accountable,” and that’s the benefit really of a community. And some people don’t like that challenge and accountability, but it really can be very loving and kind if people around you in a community care about you and they want the best for you. That’s when community starts to change our life.

And that’s what Thriveal is. It’s that kind of community. So, if you’re a member, you have a responsibility to participate in your community to make Thriveal what you want it to be. And then, of course, you as a community member have a responsibility to hold others accountable to the responsibility they’ve claimed and taken the responsibility for by being in the community. You get to ask them, “How are you doing?” And all of this makes us all better.

So, we love our community. Thank you for building a firm within a community. If you’re alone, we don’t think you should be alone. We think you should be in an accountability community like Thriveal where we do meet monthly with groups of people holding each other accountable for what we’re doing. So, we welcome you to Thriveal and hope you can take on that responsibility of the freedom you have to make your firm whatever you want it to be, because you do have that freedom and a community can help you actually see that come to fruition. Very cool. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you.



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