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Thriveal is excited to announce the creation of Thriveal’s Future Firm Summit (FFS). Check out our main page here. It’s a Summit, not a Conference. What’s the difference between a Summit and a Conference?


1. A summit is a gathering of high level leaders. In the case of our FFS, it is an invite-only event. It’s essentially a group of firm leaders who have already demonstrated the ability to scale a large firm, take appropriate risks, and leverage a team in their growth.
2. At a summit, the attendees are the speakers. A summit is a discussion. There is no formal speaker because the attendees are of such a high level of growth in their firm, it’s more beneficial for the group to learn from each other, instead of a speaker.
3. The topics at a summit are very specific and can be applied to a specific group of entrepreneurs at similar levels of growth. All of the attendees of the Future Firm Summit are experiencing some sort of complexity to their growth, so the discussions will center around these similar topics.
4. Confidentiality is a key benefit at a summit. As an example, most political summits are held behind closed doors since the content discussed is of a private nature. What the attendees discuss at the Future Firm Summit stays at the summit.
5. Preparation before hand ensures that the summit attendees get the most out of the summit and have their specific issues addressed. With Thriveal’s Future Firm Summit, there is a private Prework page as well as a community the attendees join to plan for the issues they will address at the summit.



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1. Everyone is welcome at a conference. No matter the level of growth in your firm, you can benefit from a conference. Thriveal’s Deeper Weekend Conference is an example. Many enjoy the camaraderie of a varying group of people at different levels of building their own firms.
2. You’ll benefit from speakers and teaching at a conference. At a conference, it’s understood that you will sit and listen to gain new insights and knowledge to take back to your firm.
3. Since conferences hire speakers to address a wide variety of attendees, the topics are also general enough to apply to the whole group. The attendees have less control over the content delivered, and trust the organizers of the conference to deliver content that will benefit the whole group.
4. Everything learned at a conference can be shared with anyone else. In fact, it makes sense to take what you learn from a conference back to your firm and apply it with the people that work with you every day.
5. With a conference, no preparation is necessary. The organizers of a conference design it to help you gain takeaways and ideas that you can apply to running your firm. No preparation necessary.


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Deeper Weekend is open to anyone, including Thriveal members and non-members. We would love for you to join us in October!

Deeper Weekend

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