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Greg Kyte 2It’s time to get over The Cloud.


Don’t get me wrong. The Cloud is great, but so are urinals, and at this point I’d rather read “Five Ways Urinals Will Transform the Accounting Profession”¹ than read one more GD blog post about how CPAs need to embrace The Cloud.


The realization that The Cloud has become passe hit me late last month. Jason Blumer, Caleb Newquist and I were getting ready to launch our new monthly videocast on Blab called #WhatsNext in Accounting. Jason suggested the topic for the first episode: “Can The Cloud Save the Accounting Profession?” And I said, “Great topic!” because I’m a team player, but inside I said, “Holy F. I’m probably going to spend the entire episode taking a dump on anybody who thinks this is still an interesting thing to talk about.”


Fortunately, during the Blab Session (which you can watch here) both Jason and Caleb were on bored.² Jason said, “The Cloud has come and gone. … It’s here. Use it. Move on.”


Caleb predicts that automation and The Cloud are the two horsemen of the Accountpocolypse, destroying compliance work and creating a new professional landscape in which accountants who add value will dominate, and those who do not will be forced to wait on Immortan Joe’s mercy to supply them with water.


I mean, Caleb didn’t use those exact words; he said The Cloud will “destroy the accounting profession in order to save it,” meaning that you no longer get to choose The Cloud. The Cloud’s in charge now, not you.


Put this in context: I fully embrace The Cloud and I’m a dumbass.


If you don’t know me, I’m a dumbass because I’m a laggard. Case in point: I’d still have a Blackberry if RIM actually made a viable product and if the joke about me still having a Blackberry didn’t get old. In fact, the only thing more overplayed than the jokes about me hanging on to my Blackberry, is people arguing for the cloud.


It’s ugly when people who band together for a cause don’t realize when it’s time to move on. Let’s not become the civil war reenactors of the accounting profession. The Cloud Revolution is over, and the cloud won.


So let’s stop talking about The Cloud. And CrossFit. Please, please stop talking about CrossFit.³


¹Next month’s blog post: “Five Ways Urinals Will Transform the Accounting Profession.”

²See what I did there?

³We get it. You can turn anything into a conversation about box jumps and eating paleo.


Greg was born in Akron, Ohio, in the shadow of the Firestone tire factory. He began to swim competitively when he was eight, swimming for the Mountlake Terrace Lemmings. He graduated in 1995 from the University of Washington with a math degree. He chose math for the ladies. After serving ten-years as an 8th grade math teacher, he decided it was time for a career change, mainly because he “couldn’t stand those little bastards.” He began his accounting career with a local CPA firm in Orem, Utah, where he consistently failed the QuickBooks ProAdvisor advanced certification exam. Greg currently works as the Controller for the Utah Valley Physicians Plaza. He lives in Provo, Utah, with his wife and two kids. He enjoys eating maple bars, drinking Diet Pepsi, and swearing.

  • On 02-09-2016 at 3:26 pm, Melinda Guillemette said:

    Talking about the cloud strikes me as equivalent to talking about screwdrivers. The cloud is a given. It’s a tool. It’s not the least bit interesting. Just use it and move on.

  • On 02-10-2016 at 6:11 am, Geni Whitehouse said:

    You were already unwhelmed way back when, remember this video you created?

    • On 02-10-2016 at 5:23 pm, Greg Kyte said:

      I thought about that video a bunch while writing this piece! That was your vision, so you were over the cloud like five years ago!

  • Jason Blumer

    On 02-17-2016 at 2:08 am, Jason Blumer said:

    Yes, the cloud is getting old.


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