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TJG_7616At Thriveal, we don’t take our partnerships lightly. We work hard to be valuable to our sponsors, and they expect the same thing from us.
Like other accounting community conferences, our annual Deeper Weekend conference is made possible by the awesome sponsors in our community. I want to take a moment to publicly thank them, give them some love, and let you know why we wanted them as sponsors (we won’t partner with just anyone). Here is the line up of our sponsors that made our event so special:

These guys headlined our event as the major sponsor. They are modern, delightful payroll. And they make good on that promise. Their product is beautiful, easy to use and basically runs your payroll all by itself. They are quickly taking over the world of payroll because of their simple paperless spin on tricky compliance, a bunch of crappy forms, and needless complexity. They take that all away, and we love them for it!
Special note: With Zenpayroll, your employees get their own dashboard forever. They can change jobs all they want, and your employees (or former employees) can still maintain their paystubs and W-2s in their own private portal. Pretty sweet. Check out their product tour online (even that is delightful!).
Avalara is a long time friend of Thriveal. They’ve been supporting the Thrivecast, our podcast, since it’s inception, almost three and a half years ago! They too are changing the face of a yucky compliance part of our world – sales and use tax. Is sales and use tax all they do? pffft… as if. They have a buttload of products to fix accountants’ headaches. They do sales tax filing, excise returns, 1099s, motor fuels tax filing, exemption and reseller certificate management, and personal property tax filings to name a few. Good grief, what headaches will they fix next? They also have great people there ready to support accountants globally.
Special note: they not only file returns digitally, but they can deliver the right rate for the right product and determine its taxability by jurisdiction all with the wave of one wand. Kapow! Begin your sales and use tax education at the White Paper section on their site.
This is beautiful accounting software. No lie. This stuff rocks to look at. I want to hug Xero (maybe I’ll marry it). Anyway, this product is right for any size company. They can support the small to the large clients that accountants serve anywhere in the world. Their world renowned bank reconciliation feature, constant new product releases, and kick-butt dashboard make it a killer app. Is Xero for clients only? Nope. They have made huge investments in Practice Manager and Workflow products for accountants too. Accountants use the product too (at least, the cool ones do).
Special note: they have a huge developer community that is building add-ons faster than a speeding bullet. Visit their add-on area online and be overwhelmed at your options.
These cool Aussies from down under know how to make beautiful products too. Dang. This is the world class workflow product built just for accounting, CPA, and bookkeeping offices. They make creating proposals, turning them into engagement letters, and then getting everything signed by your client online a breeze. PI can literally knock hours off of your engagement letter creation process for all of your many clients. You don’t have engagement letters? Shame. That is living life on the edge, dude. Don’t do that. The team can get you up and running in no time and you’ll have engagement letters out to all of your clients in one day. This product lets you build different paragraphs explaining different types of services that you provide. That way, every engagement letter can be different – just drop in the paragraph that relates to that particular client, and tell them to sign it online.
Special note: integrate Practice Ignition with Xero or QuickBooks and all of your engagement letter invoices are pushed into your accounting software automatically. Yes! Check out their many features.
You may know Sage as the world dominator in mid-market to large-market accounting products. Well, they are part of the small business cloud-based accounting products market too. With Sage One, they take small businesses to the cloud on the web, mobile, or your tablet. You can record expenses and create proposal and invoices in an Uber ride. Suhweeet. And the pricing of their product will blow you away!
Special note: no matter where you create invoices (web or mobile), you can include a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoice when integrated with PayPal or Sage Payment Solutions. And their Standard product has some Project Management features. Compare the two main products now and see what you get, yo.
Our friends from Sqrl were also a sponsor of the Deeper Weekend event, but they couldn’t come in person. So they sent ice cream instead! Sqrl is solving problems people take for granted and don’t even know they have. “Sqrl is your personal request engine,” and can go fetch any digital file or document from a client, without you having to follow up on the request. It’s more secure than email too. “Sic the sqrl on them!” Have you ever asked for a digital file over email? Only to forget later that you asked, AND that the client never sent it? Duh, of course that has happened to you. That’s because you are dealing with humans. But Sqrl isn’t human, and Sqrl never forgets to follow up on files requested from a client. Sqrl will send requests, auto remind the client of the request until they fulfill it, and then stick the file in Dropbox when it comes. Boom! That’s my kind of Sqrl! And with templates, you can brand your request and set it and forget it. Yes!
Special note: Sqrl was built by accounting firm owners that were scratching their own itch. They know how accountants will use it – because they are accountants! btw, with one of the best business/startup blogs in tech, you are a total lamo if you are not reading their blog.
If you are still managing your servers onsite and installing crap on them every tax season, then you are so yesterday. If you want your team to be busting a move at work, whether in the office, on the road, or at home, then you need an outsourced IT provider to manage all of that stuff. Keeping your IT to yourself, and hiring nerds internally to handle all of it, is not a wise use of your time or money. SI takes all of that headache out of your office and puts it online for you, your team, and your clients to access anywhere. And its cheaper than managing your own team of nerds. #OutsourceYourNerds Using the power of Citrix, they can put just about anything on your computer online for you to access whenever and wherever you want.
Special note: these guys are CPAs and only serve CPAs. They know the CPA firm world. Compare Simplified Innovations to managing your IT in-house. There is no comparison.
Simplified Innovations
We got love for our sponsors! Thanks to everyone for all that you do for the Thriveal community. And if you are in the Thriveal community, and you enjoyed Deeper Weekend, then you have some ‘thanksgiving’ to give to our friends above. Hit them up on twitter:
See you next year for Deeper Weekend #5!
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