Deeper Weekend 2014

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You may have noticed that Thriveal has started to use a new logo in some places. Normally, we would have waited to show everyone the logo when the new website launches, but when our community gathered last month for Deeper Weekend, we just couldn’t wait. What you may not know from looking at the logo though, is that there is quite a lot of symbolism happening in the design.


Our new logo has the look of a patch or something handmade and stitched. Just as Thriveal members are unique and seek to customize how we serve our customers, the logo represents something handcrafted.

The head at the top was designed entirely of overlapping circles making new shapes. The head itself is a leaf shape, a throw back to the original tree logo. It also represents the fresh ideas in our community as well as growth. The face is made of a heart. We are a community that cares for one another and loves to take care of our customers. The glasses may remind you of Jason, our founder, but they also represent the CPA world in general. And of course, this is a happy face, no stressed-out-burned-out-can’t-wait-til-April-15th-face.

Our tagline, “love your craft,” came out of the descriptions Jason and I gave to our designers about our members and the passion they have for serving their customers.

We look forward to sharing our new website, designed by the amazing team at Dotvita, with you in a few weeks.

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