Deeper Weekend 2014

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  • Greg Kyte
    Greg Kyte
  • Jason Blumer
    Jason Blumer
  • Jon Lokhorst
    Jon Lokhorst
  • Melinda Guillemette
    Melinda Guillemette
  • Toni Cameron

Greg Kyte, CPA gets the party started before heading off to Sky Zone in Las Vegas:


The awesome team at Cloud Sway sponsored this awesome event, so we have them to thank for the fun we all had.  Scott West, Cloud Sway CEO shares a message with everyone before getting started (note the call for Beta testers):


Thanks to our awesome videographers, Deneen Johnson of CPA2Biz and Geni Whitehouse, CPA of for shooting video (but some didn’t know if this was a picture or video):


Team Jason Blumer warms up:


Now we see Jody Padar spying on Team Jason:


The warmup just about killed everyone.  Time for a water break:


Again, is the freakin’ camera working?


Instructions for Jason Blumer’s team:


More Team Jason strategy (he doesn’t know what he is doing):


Now time for Team Jody strategy:


Now for the coin toss (and tired teams – the warmup was brutal!):


The first Jody vs. Jason CPA dodgeball game begins!


Jamie Sutherland of Xero US knocks Ted Davidson’s glasses off, takes out Kathleen Long of and eliminates Kasey Bayne of Freshbooks.  Attack!


Jason Blumer shows some wicked moves – decoy time!


Shayna Chapman hangs in there but note her ultimate demise!




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